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May, Emerald

Bestows faithfulness and unchanging love

Emerald, to many, symbolizes rebirth and the abundance of the life force. The rich green hue brings to mind the regeneration of life inspring and hope of new possibilities.

Yet perfection in emerald, as in all things, is among the most rare of nature's treasures. When they are mined from the earth, almost all emeralds have unique birthmarks that distinguish them as truly natural gemstones.

Early gem merchants sought to purify the transparency of their emeralds by immersing them in clear oils or paraffin. They found that clear oils and waxes rendered surface fissures less visible to the eye. Today, we have many sophisticated technologies with which to enhance the clarity of emeralds. In addition to the oils and waxes of ancient methods, we now use clear resins to penetrate the open fissures surfacing in the stones. Hardeners are often added to solidify these liquids. This step prevents the resin from evaporating, thus making the clarity enhancement more stable than oiling or waxing the gem. However, these measures are not permanent, so emeralds must be cleaned with care.

Although emerald itself is quite durable, the garden of inclusions may make individual gems vulnerable to damage if handled roughly. To understand the journey your emerald has traveled from the earth to you is to gain special insight into its magic.

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