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Couture Rocks Presents Avilan Diamonds


Couture Rocks Fine Jewelry would like to introduce you to one of our FABULOUS DIAMOND PARTNERS and the only ECO-FRIENDLY Totally GREEN Diamond Company in the World!

Avilan Diamonds is an Eco-friendly diamond company that buys and sells “up-cycled” diamonds, called Storied Diamonds. Storied Diamonds not only protect the environment, but they also promote diamond sustainability and end conflict that is associated with traditional diamond mining. Avilan’s dedication to protecting the earth earned Avilan the certification of the world’s first and only responsible source for diamonds. Avilan’s certification, through SCS Global Services, assures diamond shoppers of three things: Storied Diamonds are sustainable, there is an alternative diamond option for Eco-savvy shoppers and Avilan is holding the diamond industry ethically and environmentally accountable for the devastation caused by mining.

Avilan Diamonds are sourced in America using a conflict-free, transparent supply chain.They are committed to creating positive change in the diamond industry by giving previously owned diamonds new purpose. Through relationships with consumers and retailers, they circulate diamonds already in the marketplace. Their inventory does not include newly mined diamonds.

How do you know an Avilan diamond is real?  It's important to know your source when buying diamonds. Avilan™ tracks all of its diamond sources to ensure that they are only purchasing and selling post-consumer diamonds. Each stone in their inventory is thoroughly inspected prior to sale to ensure it is real.