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300 carat

Fabulous Gemstones Event

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In the world of gemstones, there is always more to learn and discover. Last Thursday, we enjoyed an informative and fun evening in Southlake, Texas to see some fabulous gemstones and learn about mining practices, cutting and trends from the owner for Top Notch Faceting. Jean-Noel explained how certain cuts create more interest in some gemstones as he passed around museum quality and rare finds from Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Brazil and other areas of the world.

Pictured here is the largest rough Aquamarine we have ever seen - 300 carats with a natural tube running through it, which increases the value along with the iron colored thread deep in the middle of the stone. The cut aquamarine stone pictured is an example of fine facet cutting for a fabulous gemstone pendant or ring.

Aquamarine is considered the symbol of youth, hope and health.