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Toast of the Party!

Lynn KishabaComment
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Everyone loved our sparkling show at the beautiful il Calabrese Ristorante in Southlake, Texas on December 13. Couture Rocks and fashion clothing designer Ese Azenabor hosted a fun and fabulous evening.

One of our guests, blogger for Luxe Squad, shared her comments: Esé Azénabor, Nigerian born and Canadian transplant, showcased her Spring 2015 collection filled with her signature, exquisitely hand-embroidered and beaded wearable works of art. Carinthia Kishaba of Couture Rocks Fine Jewelry had personally laid out her one-of-a-kind and limited edition, opulent treasures in one of the most beautifully merchandising displays I have ever seen.

I had the pleasure of meeting both women previously through various events through Fashion Group International of Dallas. Carinthia Kishaba, a strong advocate of charities and the local community, serves as a Membership Chair on the FGI Dallas Board of Directors and Executive Board Member of Kids Matter International. As owner of Couture Rocks, she is both designer and curator, discovering distinctive, one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces from award-winning designers and precision master craftsmen for their custom pieces. As a woman, she is an absolute delight, with a warmth and humor, and genuine smile or laugh always at the ready.

Esé Azénabor, also a member of FGI Dallas, has an amazing story filled with dreams, sacrifices, risks, and ultimately, triumph as she is quickly catapulting to becoming a fashion tour de force. Luxurious fabrications, meticulous hand-beading and embroidery, her line is sheer extravagance, yet her Ready-to-Wear niche is very price obtainable for the budding Fashionista. For a true investment piece you will own forever, her Haute Couture line has already begun captivating celebrities on the red carpet. For those who are attending New York's next Fashion Week, Esé Azénabor's line will be showing February 13th at noon.

Just like Carinthia, Esé possesses a wonderful warmth and high-spirit, an absolute joy to be around. 

 Ese Azenabor, Mindy Loll and Carinthia Kishaba - evening is over- shoes off! 

 Ese Azenabor, Mindy Loll and Carinthia Kishaba - evening is over- shoes off!